Rate Schedule – Break / Fix (No Contract) Services 2023

Effective for all new customers beginning Jan 1st 2023, and existing customers beginning July 1st, 2023.

Beginning in 2023, I’m focusing on transitioning my IT services business to a “Hybrid Managed Services” model, and greatly reducing my availability for servicing clients under my current “Break/Fix” model.

I will be servicing clients for Break/Fix IT Services on a limited basis.    One business day per week from 9am to 5pm PST, will be available for scheduling either onsite or remote services.   Two additional business days per week from 7am to 10am, I will offer remote support service appointments.  These appointment slots will be offered on a first come basis, and you can expect availability for these slots to be highly constrained.   If you choose to stay on “Break/Fix” model you should be prepared for very long lead times to get on my calendar.   If you have needs for a higher level of availability, you will either need to find a new service provider or transition to the Hybrid Managed Services model I’m moving my business focus to.

All on-site appointments are billed a $50 Trip Charge in addition to the hourly rates below.

Sites beyond 20 miles of Zip Code 94947 are subject to additional travel charges as outlined at the bottom of the page.

All onsite appointments are subject to a one hour minimum.    At my discretion based on your location, I may require a two-hour minimum or higher.  (You will be notified in advance if this applies to you).   After the initial 1(+) hour minimum, additional time on-site is billed on the 1/4 hour.

Hourly On-site services, installation, and technical support
$150/hr. – On-site Appointments at your business or home.

Off-site services (1/2 hour minimum billed on the 1/4 hour)
$140/hr – Remote/Phone/Email Support, Bench Labor & Website Development*
* Flat Fee Website Development Services available. Contact me for a free estimate.

Outside Break/Fix Pre-allocated Hours.*   
$200/hr. – All Break/Fix Support onsite or remote outside of the limited Break/Fix hours I’m providing.

Remote support will have a 1 hour Minimum and onsite support will have a 2-hour minimum.

*Receiving any support outside the Break/Fix hours I provide each week, will be considered Emergency support.  Solely at my discretion and based on my availability, I may be willing to offer support at this Emergency Support rate, so you can be serviced faster, but Break/Fix clients will get no Service Level Objective.   You could and likely will still wait multiple days to get Emergency support at these rates, rather than waiting weeks. 

Travel Charges
There is a $50 Trip Charge for all onsite appointments.  This includes travel charges for locations up to 20 miles from zip code 94947.  Locations beyond 20 miles are billed an additional $1.50 per mile, round-trip.

Example: If your location is 30 miles from zip code 94947, your travel charge would be 30 miles – 20 miles included = 10 miles x 2 (roundtrip) = 20 miles x $1.50/mile = $30 travel charge.

*Outside Break/Fix Pre-Allocated hours the rate is $2.00/mile

Travel distances are calculated using Google Maps. (enter your address in field B to get total distance for calculation.)