Rate Schedule – Break / Fix (No Contract) Services 2021

Effective for new customers beginning Jan 1st 2021.
Effective for existing customers beginning July 1st 2021.

The rates below are for non contractural support and installation services, we also offer Managed Services Plans with custom billing arrangements based on an individuals or companies needs.    Call for details and to request an assessment to find out more.

Our hourly “Break/Fix” rates have a sliding scale based on how many hours you use our services and whether you pre-pay for blocks of hours up front.     This sliding scale allows us to reward clients that frequently use our services, and that are thoughtful about planning and scheduling their appointments.   Generally this allows us to take care of multiple issues at once and/or provide ongoing preventative services that reduce the burdens on our time.  Clients that tend to schedule short and/or last minute emergency appointments or tend to only call when there is a specific immediate problem that needs to be addressed, (what we like to call fire extinguisher mode appointments), are going to pay a slightly higher rate.

All on-site appointments are billed a $40 Trip Charge in addition to the hourly rates below.    Sites beyond 20 miles of Zip Code 94947 are subject to additional travel charges as outlined at the bottom of the page.

All onsite appointments are subject to a one hour minimum.    At our discretion based on your locations distance from us, we may require a two hour minimum or higher.  (You will be notified in advance if this applies to you).   After the 1+ hour minimum, additional time on-site is billed on the 1/4 hour.

Hourly On-site services, installation, and technical support
$110/hr. – On-site Appointment of less than 4 hours
$100/hr. – On-site Appointment of 4-7 hours
$95/hr. – On-site Appointment of 8-10 hours

Off-site services (1/4 hour minimum billed on the 1/4 hour)
$100/hr – Remote/Phone/Email Support, Bench Labor & Website Development*
* Flat Fee Website Development Services available. Contact us for a free estimate.

Weekend / After-Hours / Less than 24 hours notice (* After hours begins at 6:00 pm PST, M-F)
These rates include a $50/hr. mark up over our standard hourly rates, but we may occasionally waive this up charge at our discretion. 
$160/hr. – On-site Appointment of less than 4 hours
$150/hr. – On-site Appointment of 4-7 hours (Must be pre-scheduled)
$145/hr. – On-site Appointment of 8-10 hours (Must be pre-scheduled)
$150/hr. – Remote / Phone Support

Pre-Paid Service Plans
10 hour Pre-Paid block – $900 ($90/hr.)
20 hour Pre-Paid block – $1700 ($85/hr.)
40+ hour Pre-Paid block – $3200 ($80/hr.)
** These packages must be Pre-Paid, or paid in full at the time of the first service request.  On-site appointments have a 1 hour minimum, after which hours are deducted by the quarter hour. Off-site services are deducted from the package by the quarter hour with a quarter hour minimum. Weekend / After hours / Emergency services are deducted at a 1.5x multiplier.  

Travel Charges
There is a $40 Trip Charge for all onsite appointments,  this includes travel charges for locations up to 20 miles from zip code 94947. Locations beyond 20 miles are billed at $1.25 per mile for every mile past the 20 included miles, round-trip.

Example: If your location is 30 miles from zip code 94947, your travel charge would be 30 miles – 20 miles included = 10 miles x 2 (roundtrip) = 20 miles x $1.25/mile = $25 travel charge.

*Weekend / After-hours / Less than 24 Hours Notice the rate is $1.50/mile

Travel distances are calculated using Google Maps. (enter your address in field B to get total distance for calculation.)