Apple has finally succumbed that it is actually susceptible to malware.

Apple changes stance on Mac OS and MalwareFor years Apple has marketed its Mac OS as being Virus and Malware free, and not prone or susceptible to these nefarious problems that have plagued the PC world for decades.

After several recent malware variants including Flashback that have target Mac OS, Apple has made some small but significant changes to its website.    Where it once claimed — “it doesn’t get PC viruses” has been replaced by “It’s built to be safe.”  The slogan of the past — “Safeguard your data. By doing nothing.” — has been replaced by the much gentler “Safety. Built in.”

The fact of the matter this was always just a marketing gimmick by Apple.    Mac OS has never been more secure than Windows.    The only reason it hasn’t been target was it had such a small market share.  The people that write Malware almost always do it for financial gain of some sort.   So its a simple numbers game, if 95% of the computers out there run on Windows then your going to make a lot more money by writing your malware to target the OS with the most market share.

Apple has in past hacking conventions, often times has even proven to be the easiest and fastest to hack.   So as Apple gains market share with its Mac OS computers  you can expect to see more and more Malware variants targeted directly at Mac OS.

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